The Swiss-based “New 7 Wonders Foundation”, established by Canadian filmmaker, author and adventurer Bernard Weber, has set itself the goal of documenting and conserving works of monuments worldwide. Through film, television, internet and books people shall be alerted of the destruction and decay of the world’s heritage – and be sensitized to its beauty, both man-made and natural. All of this under the motto: “Our heritage is our future!“

Laurin Soares had the great honor to redesign the logo of this exceptional company. His aim was to connect two key branch elements in a creative way: the number seven and the globe. Combining both he created a fresh contemporary look and high recognition value of “New 7 Wonders Foundation”. Currently Laurin Soares and his partner Philipp Wellmer are working on different mobile tasks and a full web relaunch.

  • Discipline: Brand, Motion, Digital, Strategy